Health & Safety

We are dedicated to providing a safe and healthful environment for employees and customers, protecting the public and preserving CYMI Industrial assets and property. At CYMI Industrial, our most valuable resources are the people who work for us. We know injuries can be prevented. To achieve this objective, CYMI Industrial will make all reasonable efforts to comply with all government regulations pertaining to safety and health issues. An effective Safety and Health program will be carried out throughout our organization. The Safety and Health Program will assist management and non-supervisory employees in controlling hazards and risks which will minimize employee and customer injuries, damage to customer’s property and damage or destruction of CYMI Industrial property.

Our safety policy includes:

  • CYMI Industrial’s top priority is the safety of our employees, our customers, and the public. Our safety objectives are just as important as our business objectives and will remain top priority in all of our operations.
  • CYMI Industrial employees are fully aware of our Safety requirements. These requirements are part of our policies and procedures during our day-to-day operations.